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To teach this class you'll need:

1) A RDMS (SQL Server, SQL Azure or other)
2) A query tool (SSMS or Azure portal w/WLID)
3) To PRINT the CHEAT SHEETS (Word Doc) for each student
4) To Show the PPTX

SETUP for SQL Azure
1) ATTACH Boyfriends.mdf to local SQL Server
2) DOWNLOAD SQL Server Migration Wizard
3) MIGRATE DatingGame from local to your SQL Azure instance
4) ADD Firewall rule for all access
5) ADD WLID for students to access portal

SETUP for SQL Server
1) DOWNLOAD and install SQL Server Express 2008 R2 on each student machine
2) ATTACH Boyfriend.mdf on each machine
3) VERIFY login

For completeness I have also included
1) CSV files of data
2) T-SQL DDL script, compatible with SQL Server or SQL Azure
3) SSIS package

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